Coaching Essentials International


Meet with coaching peers from across the globe in this cohort open to all individuals and disciplines.


  • Program Opening: April 16
  • Theory Session 1: May 7
  • Practicum 1: May 21
  • Theory Session 2: June 4
  • Practicum 2: June 18
  • Theory Session 3: July 9
  • Practicum 3: July 23
  • Theory Session 4: September 10
  • Practicum 4: September 24
  • Theory Session 5: October 8
  • Practicum 5: October 22

*All course sessions run roughly 8:00am – 11:30am EST/ 1pm – 4:30pm GMT

Fee: $6,000

Faculty: Isa Buencamino PCC, Lindsey Bingaman ACC, Marco Bertola PCC, Dr. Hilary Lines PCC, Dr. Frances Johnston MCC


The Teleos Coaching Essentials Program is a great first step into the coaching profession. This course combines the mechanics of coaching as well as the leadership and personal development required to be a great coach.

At Teleos, we believe great coaches embody and practice core competencies that can be learned quickly but take a lifetime to master: the ability to build strong relationships and create trust with clients, the ability to ignite change by creating a compelling vision for the future and the ability to use observation, inquiry and personal presence to support clients as they grow and change.

Because we believe effective coaches and leaders are self-aware, this course is grounded in Emotional Intelligence, self-awareness and resilience, for the coaches own development and for the change they will bring about in those they coach.


In this program, you will:

  • Develop greater awareness of self and presence as a coach
  • Focus on your own personal life vision and renewal
  • Learn a framework for a coaching engagement and coaching session
  • Learn how adults change and overcome resistance to change
  • Take on coaching clients alongside program work
  • Receive rigorous coaching practice with “real time” feedback from faculty as well as group and 1:1 mentoring
  • Receive a coaching handbook with templates and exercises to take into your coaching practice


The Teleos Coaching Essentials Program – International brings together individuals from across the globe in this cohort open to all levels of coaching experience and disciplines. This 5-month, virtual program contains faculty from the Asia, Europe, the UK and USA who have lived, worked and coached across cultures and sectors.

In this unique program, you will be joined by others from around the world, from different sectors, cultures, who are on their own path to becoming coaches. This stimulating international program will diversify your coaching experience will give you fresh perspective that you can use in your practice and life.

This program is for people who are working for multi-nationals but also the culturally curious who want to build a coaching practice with global perspective.


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