Dates: Every Thursday from 9-11am EST

Fee: $75/call

Dates: February – April, third Thursday of every month from 12pm-3pm EST

Fee: $75

Date: Thursday, November 30- Friday, December 1

Location: Elkins Park, PA

We believe in making our event accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. Therefore, you have the flexibility to choose a fee that aligns with your financial situation.

Our sliding scale offers three tiers:

  • The lowest fee is $450, designed to cover base costs for those with limited financial resources.
  • The middle fee is $750, striking a balance between affordability and support for the event.
  • Above the middle fee ($1000+) is for those who are able to contribute more and help subsidize lower-cost tickets.

We’re committed to creating an inclusive environment that values everyone’s participation. Select the fee that best suits your financial capacity, and join us for an enriching experience that’s open to all. Your choice helps ensure that our event is accessible to a diverse and engaged community.

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Coach Certification

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