Trauma, Race and Leadership (In Person)


Dates: 9/22-9/23 (10am – 4:30pm)

Fee: $1000

Faculty: Gretchen Schmelzer, Ray Fisher, Carolyn Murphy

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The Trauma, Race and Leadership Workshop Series is ideal for leaders working in communities, organizations or industries impacted by trauma or leaders who have experienced trauma themselves. Trauma can be described as a deeply distressing or disturbing situation and can be applied to a range of experiences from death and loss to layoffs and unwanted change.


  • Session 1: Healing in Action: In this session, participants will learn about repeated trauma and its impact on emotional intelligence and leadership. The focus will be on practical applications and the importance of creating a climate of physical, emotional and relational safety. They will leave with an action plan to strengthen their leadership and create a safer environment at work where all people can thrive.
  • Session 2: Trauma, Race and Leadership: In this session, participants will learn how understanding repeated trauma is key to supporting marginalized communities, to leading anti-racist movements and organizations, engaging in our own learning about race and having bold and challenging conversations across difference.
  • Session 3: Trauma, Coaching and Organization or Community-Based Action: In this session, participants will begin to look at how leaders and coaches can explore better ways to empower their systems and clients and help them understand the impact trauma has had. This session is all about planning and moving into action.


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