Restore, Renew Reconnect (In-Person)


Date: Sept 29-30th 2022 (In-Person)

Fee: $1500

Faculty: Dr. Gretchen Schmelzer, Dr. Fran Johnston


Are you and/or the people on your teams exhausted or burned out? Are you wondering how to make sense of the last year or how to manage the reentry process as things continue to shift and change? Need a place to get some language about your experience, some knowledge about emotions, trauma, recovery and growth? Need a supportive community to learn with right now? This is a four-session virtual program or 2-day in person program for leaders to support yourselves in the renewal and recovery from the stress and burnout from the past two years—and through the leadership transitions you may be engaging in on a personal or organizational level. This program will offer a cohort who will support each other as you make your way through the program. Program will focus on personal growth and development, stress management and renewal and playful, effective behavior change.

R3 is a mindfulness based, trauma informed course for leaders to allow you to use compassion and emotional intelligence to understand, reckon with and digest the past year and to create a plan for recovery and renewal for yourself and your teams.


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