2023 Alumni Conference


Date: Thursday, November 30- Friday, December 1

Location: Elkins Park, PA

We believe in making our event accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. Therefore, you have the flexibility to choose a fee that aligns with your financial situation.

Our sliding scale offers three tiers:

  • The lowest fee is $450, designed to cover base costs for those with limited financial resources.
  • The middle fee is $750, striking a balance between affordability and support for the event.
  • Above the middle fee ($1000+) is for those who are able to contribute more and help subsidize lower-cost tickets.

We’re committed to creating an inclusive environment that values everyone’s participation. Select the fee that best suits your financial capacity, and join us for an enriching experience that’s open to all. Your choice helps ensure that our event is accessible to a diverse and engaged community.

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Coaching Leaders Through Trauma
Carolyn Murphy and Gretchen Schmelzer
Over the past couple of years, we have had the opportunity to work with leaders on the front lines of trauma: US Forest Service, Journalists, Physicians. This conversation about coaching leaders through trauma is an opportunity for you to hear about coaching cases and examples of coaching leaders in the context of trauma—and how to support them and their teams. Participants will get practical coaching tools based on the 5-Phase Cycle of Healing Repeated Trauma to support your conversations with clients who are grappling with trauma in their workplace or life. This framework will help them with stabilization, healing and growth. You will have the opportunity to work through a scenario of your own coaching clients and learn from others.

Team Development, Fran's Way
Fran Johnston
Humans live, work, and play in groups and teams. Too often we focus solely on individual behavior when in fact, we are social beings who rely on one another in a variety of ways. People have to regularly work in teams to accomplish goals in their organizations, and certainly most of your coachees are members and/or leaders of teams. In this workshop, Fran will walk us through the elements of effective, resonant teams and what it takes to be an effective team coach and consultant. Through interactive activities, case studies and discussions, you will gain insight into how to diagnose team challenges, provide support for certain unhealthy team dynamics, and facilitate important team conversations to create clarity, cohesiveness, and resonance.


The Hero's Journey
Ray Fisher and friends
In this dynamic workshop, Ray will walk us through his Hero's Journey and personal insights from his transformative travels to Africa. Participants will explore the impact of the Hero's Journey framework and the power of storytelling. Ray and colleagues will share how to effectively utilize the Hero's Journey in your own coaching practice. The workshop will bring to life how this narrative structure can be a powerful tool for guiding clients through transformational experiences.


Building Burnout Immunity
Kandi Wiens
After burnout caused a life-threatening health crisis in her own life, Dr. Kandi Wiens left a lucrative career in management consulting and enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania to understand why burnout was leaving millions of us sick, exhausted, unmotivated, and feeling stuck and ineffective. She discovered something remarkable through her research: Despite dangerous levels of work-related stress, some workers seemed to be naturally “immune” to burnout. In this working session, Kandi will share several evidence-based strategies and exercises you can use with your coaching clients to help them develop their burnout immunity.


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