Our Beliefs & Passions

What Does “Teleos” mean?

The definition of Teleos: A journey toward completeness; manifesting our intended purpose.

We Are Scholar-Practitioners

Our published ideas set us apart as leading thinkers and scholars. Teleos co-founders, Dr Annie McKee and Dr Frances Johnston, are authors of Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling management and leadership books. As a result of our expertise in leadership and organizational change, our programs are world-class, our coaches are masters in the field, and our senior consultants are sought-after authors for magazines, guest blogs and key note speakers.

   Annie MeKee article in HBR Must Reads 

Our bestselling business books on resonant leadership and leading with emotional intelligence provide practical solutions for HOW to lead, rather than simply another take on the WHAT leaders should do. Primal Leadership (2005); Resonant Leadership (2005); and Becoming a Resonant Leader (2008).

In addition to generating new ideas and solutions for our clients, part of our purpose is to share our knowledge with the world. To that end, we have an active publishing and speaking agenda to address all sectors and all regions of the world. Through our on-going practice and writing, we continue to be deeply committed to studying and contributing to the fields of leadership, team effectiveness and organizational dynamics. 

In 2011, Teleos founder, Dr. Annie McKee, published Management: A Focus on Leaders with Pearson Education that takes the best of management research through the ages, updated and integrated with the most current management thinking, to show students pragmatic ways to apply to today’s complex organizations. Visit www.weneedleadershipnow.com for more information on this book from the publisher.

We Transfer Our Knowledge and Skills to Our Clients and Communities

We deliberately transfer our knowledge and skills in all of our work with clients. We want individuals, teams and organizations to continue to learn and improve long after we are gone. When working with individuals and in leadership development programs, we focus on not only on what people need to learn, but how people learn. This means that people “learn how to learn”—a meta-skill that supports them in continuing to develop their capabilities over the course of their lives.

In our work with teams, we support the exploration of what is working and what is not. We also share unique ways to preserve positive team dynamics after the team effectiveness program is completed. We teach leaders how to review team performance, and how to fix problems before they start.  When working with organizations, we share our diagnostic methods and teach people how to use them. This way, people can study their own institutions, analyze trends and patterns in leadership and culture, and come to their own conclusions about what to do. 

We build knowledge and skills transfer into all of our programs and practices. In many cases, this knowledge transfer process is explicit and programmatic: designing a train-the-trainer so internal staff can conduct leadership development programs; developing internal coaches (through Teleos’ ICF-certified Coach Development Program); running a training session on our proprietary qualitative diagnostic method, Dynamic Inquiry; or developing internal capabilities in Behavioral Event Interviewing and Teaching Emotional Intelligence. 

Everyone Needs to Be a Leader

The world has changed. The pace and scope of change in the world and in organizations during the past ten years have been unprecedented. In this environment, staying ahead of the curve so that we can prepare people to lead is an unparalleled challenge.

At the same time, a massive shift in the balance of economic power is under way, with many of the world’s largest economies stumbling as other economies continue to grow and gain power, bringing prosperity to many and a new world order. This new world order has the potential to bring education, opportunities, better working conditions, and better lives to millions of people around the world or to take us wildly off course as a society.

As the world changes, people are struggling with how to behave, manage their organizations, and lead others in an unfamiliar landscape. Along with this demand for greater transparency and more ethical business practices, there is growing recognition that economic, social, and environmental sustainability are imperatives for which we are all responsible. Taken together, the rebalancing of world economic power, the call for ethical leadership, and the focus on sustainability add up to profound changes for our society and our businesses.

As we face the opportunities and challenges of the social and economic changes that are rocking our world, we need to rethink how we do business and how organizations around the globe relate to one another. People need to learn how to lead effectively in this challenging and exciting new era. Today, everyone needs to be a leader. In today’s complex organizations, people also need to be effective team members and know how to follow others as well. Our mission at Teleos is to prepare people to lead, follow and join together with others to achieve collective goals that allow each of us to leave the world a better place because of our unique contributionst

We Want to Change the World

Because of our knowledge and skills, we believe we have the responsibility to actively support people, organizations, and communities seek a better future.  Our research and work with clients is based on a profound belief that all human beings are seeking a meaningful and positive life for themselves, their loved ones, their workplace, communities and nations. We support this positive movement in all that we do.

Teleos consultants and professional staff have a passion for making a positive difference in the organizations and communities we serve. As individuals, our passions span an enormous range: from supporting the profitable growth of businesses to limiting our carbon footprint; from creating healthy workplaces to helping emerging democracies strengthen their ability to self-govern; from coaching corporate executives through tough challenges to helping school systems focus their efforts on outstanding outcomes for children;  from helping healthcare industry face the challenges of an new era to supporting open ways of disseminating knowledge around the world; from standing up for human rights to supporting the development of ethical leaders in all walks of life.  As a group, we are committed to supporting the development of leaders, cultures, and communities that enable the spirit of each and every human being to shine.

Change Starts In Our Organization

This sense of passion and creativity starts here in the Teleos Leadership Institute offices, and in the hearts and minds of each of us who work here. We are committed to creating our own resonant workplace—one that elevates positive, supportive and honest relationships between people to the highest position in our company’s cultural values.

Everyday, we strive to walk the talk, which makes us uniquely able to help others achieve their dreams. As a resonant team inside Teleos Leadership Institute, we are ready to help build resonant, compassionate and effective teams, organizations and countries anywhere in the world. Please click here to see where we are making a difference in the world, and how. Through authentic and powerful relationships, we are able to tap into our common purpose and aspirations and achieve more than we ever thought possible—for our own team and for the people and organizations with whom we work.

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