History of Teleos

The Teleos Leadership Institute was founded in 2002 by Dr. Annie McKee and Dr. Frances Johnston. Annie and Fran had worked together for years, first at the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, then in various consulting engagements and other ventures. They were, and continue to be, thought partners and very good friends, sharing an office as co-leaders of Teleos Leadership Institute.

From the start, the Teleos team was committed to creating and generating the best new ideas and practices to support outstanding and resonant leadership, positive organizational dynamics, healthy workplaces, and community well-being. The senior team designed and implemented world-class leadership development programs, such as Resonant Leadership for Results (based on emotional and social intelligence, the Intentional Change Model, adult learning theory and ethics). This program has been conducted for thousands of people all over the world, in situations as diverse as post-conflict Cambodia and South Africa in the fight against HIV and AIDs, to Fortune and FTSE 100 businesses to help leaders create vibrant, results-oriented organizations.

Annie and Fran started Teleos without loans or venture capital. They put everything they had into starting a new business that they believed would help improve how people lead and manage organizations and communities around the world. Prominent leaders and organizations found Teleos almost immediately, including multinational corporations, iconic and historic institutions, and influential global NGOs, placing their bets on the transformation impact a collaboration with Teleos could bring to their organizations, their teams and themselves as leaders and people.

Teleos has also created a host of processes to study root causes of problems and opportunities in organizations, such as the Dynamic Inquiry research method that serves to inform much of the work we do with leaders and organizations — including our unique and highly effective top team programs, such as the Teleos Leadership Journeys and Teleos Board Review and Development.

We pride ourselves on working in many sectors: multinational corporations and not-for-profits; governments and communities; academia; healthcare; education; as well as businesses and industries around the world. And over the years, Teleos Leadership Institute has grown steadily in size, scope, and impact. The core team has expanded to include a number of renowned consultants and advisors, psychologists, researchers, editors, and former business executives. Teleos Associates also come with world-class credentials and experience, high standards, and ethics that are consistent with our beliefs and values.

Since the beginning, Teleos founders and team members have been actively engaged in disseminating new ideas, models and leadership practices. Among the team’s accomplishments are best selling books, professional articles, chapters, and a management textbook, Management: A Focus on Leaders.

Throughout all of our experiences and successes, we are most proud of creating an organization where we “walk the talk.” We have high standards for ourselves as professionals, as team members, as leaders, and as human beings. We strive to live our values at every turn, to actively practice emotional intelligence and resonance — even when times are tough or work is stressful. Our true measure of success has been creating an environment where each member of the team, and all of our associates, can be at their very best with one another and with our clients. We get closer to this each day, never losing sight of our unique ability and responsibility to make this planet a better place — not only for today, but for our children’s children tomorrow.

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