Margret Klinkhammer, Dr. rer.nat.

Margret Klinkhammer, Dr. rer.nat.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Margret Klinkhammer serves as a Managing Director and as a Senior Consultant for CORMENS GmbH, a consulting and training company for leadership, change management and sales programs. Having been a successful manager for several companies over a period of more than 18 years, Margret is well aware of the importance and the challenge of finding one’s own identity as a leader and of developing and constantly elaborating a strong vision — for yourself as well as for your company. Combining efficient management skills with people- and value-oriented attitudes and behavior, Margret knows how to use the impact of such a strong vision as a driving force for goal-oriented action and for motivating people towards sustained peak performance.

In her work as an executive coach and trainer she combines her managing experience with her deep knowledge of social and psychological phenomena in groups and peeople. In her trainings and coaching sessions she focuses on the immediate transfer of knowledge into daily business.

Previous Experience

In addition to her work for CORMENS, since 2006 Margret runs the Leadership Focus GmbH Training Institute, where she trains coaches and mediators. Her institute has been certified by the German Association of Training and Coaching, dvct, as well as by the Bundesverband Mediation, BM and BMWA. Since 2006 she has developed organizational change programs, leadership training programs and project manager training programs for middle sized companies (consulting, paper manufacturing, non-profit-organizations, IT, health care, financial services, etc.). She trains and coaches employees as well as managers directly on their job.

For 3 years Margret was one out of two General Managers of a Customer Care Company, leading a company of almost 1.200 employees in 3 German branches, 1 subsidiary in Austria and 1 in Poland. She was responsible for Human Resources, Controlling, Sales and IT. Margret also coordinated the negotiations with the worker’s council and thus successfully led employees, managers and the company as a whole through a major restructuring process — with a keen sense of the importance of balancing efficiency with appreciation, and of being trustworthy and reliable despite of all the financial pressures.

Before that she worked for one of the biggest European banks as a Business and Private Client consultant, as a branch manager and regional manager. For nearly 15 years, she worked as a trainer for sales and service people, and for young branch managers. During the merger of two banks she acted as one out of 12 project managers coordinating all merger activities in approximately 50 branches and designing and implementing the bank-wide internal communication activities (Trainings, Workshops, Town Hall Events, Handbooks, Business TV, Internal Newsletter, etc.). She also held responsibility for several strategic projects designing and implementing a new business model for more than 800 branches, thereby managing the whole process from the first idea right to the implementation in each branch.


Margret has a Doctorate in Natural Science and a Diploma in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Ulm, Germany, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Clemson University, USA, and a Bachelor’s in Social Science from the University of Hagen, Germany. She is a certified Business Coach (German Association of Training and Coaching, dvct) and a certified Business Mediator (Bundesverband Mediation BM and BMWA). Her training institute Leadership Focus ( has been certified to train Business Coaches as well as Mediators (current training programs in cooperation with University of Ulm). Margret received her own training as a certified Business Coach and Mediator from Jack Himmelstein, Gary Friedmann, Robert Dilts, Sonja Radatz, Varga von Kibed, and other renowned trainers. She is also a certified Motive and Needs Profile Analysis (MSA©) Consultant and has a certificate for Counseling in Organisations (Hephaistos Institut, Germany). Since 1987 Margret also coaches young students and graduates. She developed and led a Mentoring Program for several years and still trains new mentors in coaching and leadership skills.

Recent Publications

"Electronic Customer Care via Telefon", Margret Klinkhammer, Steffen Adler, in "Handbuch Electronic Customer Care — Der Weg zur digitalen Kundennähe", Salmen, Gröschel, Physica Verlag, 2006

"Cooperative Praxis — eine wirksame und zukunftsträchtige Form der konsensualen Konfliktregelung", Kurt Faller, Margret Klinkhammer, Gisela und Hans-Georg Mähler, Wirtschaftspsychologie Aktuell, 1/2010

"Rolle des Wirtschaftsoacches in der Cooperativen Praxis", Margret Klinkhammer, in "Cooperative Praxis", Cristina Lenz (Hrsg.), date of publication May 2010

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