Jochen Lochmeier

Jochen Lochmeier

Senior Consultant

Jochen works with public and private sector organizations at the boundary of strategic planning and people development. His expertise is in complex large system change, identification and design of socio-economic interventions, leadership support to executive level clients and work teams, and facilitative management. Jochen's more than 30 years experience lets him draw on a broad spectrum of focused interventions, including facilitation, coaching, training, mentoring, consulting, which help enable organizations and leaders to unlock their full resource potentials.

In addition to working with Teleos, Jochen (together with Chantelle Wyley) is co-chair of Baobab Consulting & Training, Cape Town. His passion lies in bringing innovations in structural and human relationships fields to meet the variety of actual cultures.

Jochen is a senior planner and economist, at the same time he works as facilitator, coach, trainer, leader & manager. His specialization is the interface between technical strategic and human intimate development. He uses his worklife-long experience in empathetically promoting individuals, teams and organizations to increase efficiency and effectiveness. His expertise is in programs and projects for innovative and responsible investments with special regard to sustainability. He has worked as consultant for many international organizations in more than 35 countries in Europe, Africa, South and South-East Asia, Middle East, North America.

Previous Experience

After an initial university career, Jochen started as a regional planner and project manager with development aid organizations in East and Central Africa. He co-founded and chaired COMiT consulting in Berlin, before moving to South Africa and initiating Baobab-CT. He designed comprehensive, intensive personal capacity building programmes, and over 15 years has inspired middle and senior managers in global multicultural groups. He recently conceptualized an instrument to make noble intentions for poverty reduction more professional and turn interventions impactful.


Jochen holds a masters degree in applied geography (Free University Berlin) and a PhD in economics (University of Oldenburg). He has pursued personal development for himself by practicing what he preaches and become a professional in facilitation (GTZ, Frankfurt), Coaching (Gestalt Institute Berlin), Organisational Development (Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, USA), Emotional Intelligence (Teleos Leaders).

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