Janet Jones

Janet Jones

Senior Consultant

Managing Director and co founder of award winning change agency InterAction, for fourteen years, Janet founded Momentis at the beginning of 2006. Janet has been working in, and consulting to, organisations for almost thirty years, following an initial career as an accountant (articled with Coopers & Lybrand). Her extraordinary capacity to internalise an organisation’s culture, or a person’s reality delivers first class results in the achievement of their goals. She is a highly skilled facilitator, and has trained and facilitated groups at all levels in organisations. She is passionate about recognition and respect and is a model for the kind of collaboration clients seek, and rarely find.

Previous Experience

From 1977-1981, Janet worked as an articled clerk at Cooper and Lybrand. Following that, she worked as a trainer, and then moved into the role of National Account Manager for British Telecom from 1982-1987. Also during this time Janet worked as the company secretary for Motor Traders Systems Ltd. From 1989-1990 she spent a year as a partner with Cinnamon Consultants. Janet worked as and independent consultant and trainer from 1992-1994. From 1993-1995 she worked at the director of Momentum Productions. She has been a consultant with Teleos Leadership Institute since 2005.

Janet has a rich training and facilitation history. In 1982 she was a participant in a six month development programme with BT as a trainer in their sales and marketing college in Bournemouth. From 1982 — 1985 Janet designed, developed and delivered sales training in vertical markets. This ranged from one-day market awareness seminars to four-month programmes with three residential elements. 1985-1991 she qualified with the Kairos Foundation as a mentor delivering Self Esteem Enhancement and People on Purpose workshops. She delivered approximately 30 People on Purpose workshops and 12 Self Esteem Enhancement workshops during this time, mostly to groups of individuals, but beginning to adapt them for the business environment.

In 1994 Janet co-designed and developed Making People Count for BA: a two day workshop in recognition. This programme was delivered to about 20 times to groups of approximately 15 people. From 1994-1995 she designed and co-delivered Performance Appraisals for BA: a two day workshop in effective supervision and performance management. She delivered this to approx 30 groups of managers in sets of 12. From 1994-2005, Janet adapted and delivered Performance Appraisals for other clients, including Boden, Thomas Sanderson, Unilever and Tesco. 1996 -2000 was spent designing developing and delivering Service Leadership — a three day workshop for managers of service staff. She delivered this to groups of 20 in BA. She also designed and delivered Kaleidoscope for BA. A three day programme in cultural sensitivity, as part of their strategy to become a global airline. From 1994 to date, she has co-designed and delivered a range of further programmes, including Leading for Growth and Igniting Teams, both of which are six month leadership programmes.

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