Dr. Hilary Lines

Dr. Hilary Lines

Senior Consultant

Hilary Lines works with business leaders and their teams to enable them to lead radical change. She brings twenty years experience of supporting executive level clients, both through one to one coaching and through board level development and facilitation. Hilary's expertise enables her to draw on a wide range of interventions to enable leaders to release their full potential, including personal effectiveness coaching, leadership and management development, and the design and delivery of consulting strategies for facilitating change within complex organization systems. She brings experience of working in both public and private sectors and of leading development approaches in a variety of countries across the globe.

Previous Experience

Hilary is an experienced and qualified executive coach, and works with a range of senior executives and leaders of professional services firms. As well as one to one work, she supports senior leaders in achieving change within their executive teams and in driving complex change across their business. She was executive coach to the European Vice President and Board of IBM's consulting practice, helping him and his board in their leadership of a newly acquired business. She also designed and led a program aimed at the skills enhancement of the company's leadership coaches and consultants to help them in their role as facilitators of transformational change within IBM globally.

Other achievements include leadership of a Europe-wide program for 600 executive partners, aimed at releasing leadership capability and enhancing the cultural integration of the newly formed IBM consulting business; the design of a coaching and skills development program for high potential leaders across Europe and a board level relationship skills coaching and skills development program for consulting and audit partners worldwide. The latter included initiating a radical new approach to account relationship management.

Earlier in her career she directed an integrated set of change interventions as part of a re-engineering assignment for a major chemicals company and coached the board on their leadership for business and cultural transformation. She has also worked with a range of health service hospital and strategic boards in the skills and capabilities needed to bring about enhanced effectiveness throughout the service. As head of management development at a pharmaceutical company she developed a program management system to facilitate the transition of ideas from Research to Production and led a career development program for R&D scientists.


Hilary's research for her doctorate focused on the factors which influenced the career development of R&D scientists within the Food Industry. She is Advanced Executive Coach from the Academy of Executive Coaching, London, an accredited Coactive Coach, a Chartered member of the Institute of Personnel Development and has experience of applying the principles of Gestalt Therapy in organization settings. She has a first class honors degree and a PhD from London University.

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