Dirk Stoess

Dirk Stoess

Senior Consultant

Dirk Stoess is a Managing Director and Senior Consultant for CORMENS GmbH, a consulting and training company for leadership, change management and sales programs. As a successful advisor and manager for the UniCredit Group for more than 19 years and as a board member of his family-owned business, he knows all too well the importance and challenges of implementing abstract business concepts into concrete actions. His experience ranges from strategic headquarter decisions to leading groups of advisors in several branches or teams, while always focusing on changing behavior. Dirk is known for delivering more than the expected results.

Dirk's expertise is in taking trainings and their content and converting them such that they impact daily behaviour routines. He consciously works on improving training methods, implementing new ways of delivering leadership and sales skills and sharing his knowledge in a “hands on” fashion with people in their daily business.

Combining efficient management skills with people- and value-oriented attitudes and behaviour, Dirk engages people on intellectual, behavioural, and emotional levels for goal-oriented action. He motivates them towards sustained peak performance. His focus is the immediate transfer into daily business.

Previous Experience

Before his work for CORMENS, Dirk was responsible for several teams both in the headquarters and branches of one of the largest European banks. His focus on the reduction of complexity, value-add for team members, and supporting them in their work with internal and external customers helped him meet his goal of increasing passion, increasing engagement at all levels of the organization, and delivering results. He and his direct reports met their target achievements over 100% of the time and significantly increased the employee satisfaction index.

Additionally, Dirk has taught and facilitated more than 300 leaders in Germany and Austria in workshops and has supported them personally in their daily business through team meetings, coaching activities, and trouble-shooting.


Dirk has a degree in business administration and management from Eberhard-Karls-Universität in Tübingen, Germany. He is a certified Business Coach (German Association of Training and Coaching, dvct) and a certified Motive and Needs Profile Analysis (MSA©) Consultant. As a certified banker (IHK), he teaches young professionals. Additionally, he has a certificate in ski instructing and has developed a training program for young ski instructors.

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