Organizational Development

Addressing the Whole System - Culture, Vision and Leadership

Teleos approaches the organization as a complex system, recognizing that individual parts of an organization can only exist or be understood in relation to the whole. The organized collection of parts is highly integrated to accomplish a comprehensive organizational vision. Considering the organization as a complex system helps leaders move away from a linear “cause and effect” relation to one that emphasizes the relationship of parts to the system as a whole. With this in mind, Teleos works in collaboration with your organization in custom-designing a process to implement strategy by addressing the whole system.

1.   Consultation and Advisory Services

The Organizational Development process begins with building a relationship between Teleos and key stakeholders of your organization. We come to understand your organization’s vision and goals, as well as the perceived barriers to improvement and success. It is in this stage that we collaborate to design the groundwork for a powerful action research process that will enable senior leadership to understand the organization’s culture, while building skills to implement change and work more effectively. 

Implementing change can be a complex process. To be successful, it must engage the hearts and minds of leadership and key stakeholders in a profound way. Teleos’ Organizational Development process engages these vital groups while gathering critical information about what is driving the organization’s success and pinpointing areas for improvement.

2. Dynamic Inquiry and Thematic Analysis

Dynamic Inquiry (DI) is Teleos’ robust proprietary research-proven methodology. It identifies underlying patterns of behavior and values related to an organization’s leadership and culture. The DI process uncovers the emotional reality of an organization by tapping into  employees’ subjective, emotional experience—what people really care about, what helps them, and what gets in the way of the success of talented leaders, groups, and teams in the organization.

Dynamic Inquiry Process

    1. Leaders and stakeholders have confidential, focused conversations about the experience of working in the company
    2. Verbatim interview notes are scanned for major themes and qualitatively analyzed
    3. Themes are used to understand the organization’s reality and guide leadership in decision making to effect organizational change
    4. Interviewees are engaged, motivated and empowered to lead the change

The Dynamic Inquiry Process Drives Change. A shared language based on facts, feelings, assumptions, and beliefs is a powerful driver of change and provides sound focus for leadership development and team alignment. This shared language provides a sense of unity and resonance, and the resulting momentum helps people move from conversation to action. Leaders and key stakeholders feel inspired and empowered – becoming passionate to work together to address their own and the organization’s collective concerns. Contributors to the DI process build 1) ownership and commitment to the mission, vision and strateg and 2) an ideal cultural framework that both leaders and stakeholders agree upon.

3. Collaborative Design and Implementation of a Change Process Strategy:

As a result of the DI process, the organization will have a deepened awareness and understanding of key elements of culture that can be leveraged to achieve strategic goals, as well as clarity about what is necessary for ongoing effectiveness. Through a collaborative approach, Teleos and the organization will identify “Must Wins” and recommend an organization’s cultural transformation strategy and support it. This may involve a leadership journey, executive coaching for key stakeholders, and/or experiential leadership and development programs.

We provide the spark for meaningful change. Teleos’ Organizational Development is used to assess the current state of your organization and offers valuable benefits at the start of, in the midst of, or even after any change process. Clients have used our organizational development services to facilitate the process of integration following a merger or acquisition, a change in strategy, or a substantial change in leadership. Contact us for a consultattion to set in motion transformational change. 

Benefits of Dynamic Inquiry: 
  • Deep understanding of an organization’s culture
  • A shared language for leadership and culture development
  • Inspiration for creative solutions to build upon strengths and address areas for improvement
  • Mobilization of leaders and stakeholder energy to become leaders of the desired organizational culture


Large Scale Global Leadership Programs

Complex, global organizations facing change need programs worthy of the challenges they face in an increasingly complex, integrated world. They need scalable programs with research-based credibility designed to add value right away and delivered by world class facilitators. Teleos has a track record of creating outstanding custom leadership programs and delivering them worldwide with outstanding results. We are sensitive and adaptable to the cultural settings where we work while maintaining a focus on widely applicable themes (and our core values) like resonant leadership, emotional intelligence, and intentional change.

To date, Teleos and its associate faculty have delivered more than 200 multi-day leadership programs around the world.  More importantly, we believe that our programs have not only raised awareness of a better way to lead, but also have created significant positive impact on the lives of participants and the organizations where they work. We remain committed to delivering beyond expectations, to caring for those we reach, and to connecting people to their noble purpose no matter where they are in the world.

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