Executive Coaching

Our approach to executive coaching is grounded in improving emotional intelligence and resonant leadership competencies, developing active listening skills, working with systems, intentional change theory, and mindful reflection. Teleos executive coaching sessions are confidential coaching sessions that can be in-person or on the telephone. Engagements may include qualitative 360 degree feedback; guidance in identifying appropriate learning experiences; observations at meetings and discussions; and support in writing a learning plan and achieving life and professional goals. The time period for a coaching engagement can vary and will include the following process:

  • Establishing a Relationship: Building Trust and Mutual Understanding
    The foundation of the coaching process is a confidential relationship between the client and the Teleos coach. The coach focuses on learning as much as possible about the executive, including his or her approach to management and leadership, current strengths and challenges, relationships, organizational dynamics, and more.
  • Feedback and Deepening Understanding of Personal Strengths, Challenges and Organizational Dynamics
    Teleos coaches typically gather data beyond that available to the executive. In many cases, we recommend an interview-style, qualitative 360-degree review. In this process, the coach speaks confidentially to key people around the executive, including his or her boss, peers and a few subordinates. This data is thematically analyzed and presented to the executive without sharing who said what. The feedback processes will serve to inform one-on-one, confidential coaching sessions in person and on the telephone.
  • Goal Setting, Experimentation, and Change
    As a result of ongoing work together, the coaching pair has a very solid foundation and substantial information that allows them to assess the leadership challenges — for both the individual executive and his or her business. Throughout the engagement, Teleos coaches focus on helping the executive set goals, plan actions and create safe ways to experiment with new behaviors.
An Additional Benefit of Teleos Executive Coaching: Organizational-Level Diagnosis

One of the best practices in coach development is what we call “supervision”. In supervision, a highly experienced executive coach engages a group of coaches in discussion of the issues they notice in their coaching engagements. The data from these conversations is then analyzed for coherent themes, which can be shared with the team leader on a regular basis, and/or with HR and others in support of the development of leadership/culture change programs.

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