Resonant Teams,
Resonant Organizations

Energize your team and create a climate where people thrive.

Resonant Teams, Resonant Organizations

Resonant Teams, Resonant Organizations

"For a leader, each conversation is an opportunity to gather valuable information about people, groups and cultures, while building relationships and resonance." -- Annie McKee & Richard Boyatzis in Resonant Leadership.

Top leaders, and their teams, need to be aligned—but more often than not, they simply aren't. It matters—in their mission, their values, the strategy and how to implement it together. Others will tell you about the what of leadership, but we’re experts in the how of leadership. Our systemic approach to developing and aligning top leaders speaks to how people really lead and the fact that in today’s business environment, people need to develop an array of leadership capabilities. The Teleos approach is based on 5 key elements:  a cultural diagnostic with our proprietary methodology, Dynamic Inquiry; the competencies of Emotional and Social Intelligence; resonant leadership; engagement in a team process of Intentional Change; and alignment around strategic priorities through the Must Wins process. Leaders are accountable for making sure their team understands the strategy and knows exactly how each member is expected to execute on it. Based on our work transforming more than 100 top teams, we know our support for leaders and their teams results in better leadership at the top—with cascading results throughout the organization.

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How to Lead Resonant Culture Change

"Effective teams and powerful, positive organizational cultures do not happen by accident. They are created by resonant leaders who employ emotional intelligence to motivate and nurture their employees." -- Teleos co-founder, Annie McKee in her bestselling book, Resonant Leadershipco-authored with Richard Boyatzis.

Change is hard—especially when it comes to trasnforming an organization's culture. But every company comes to a point when the old ways won't get you where you need to go. Complex, global organizations facing change need programs worthy of the challenges they face in an increasingly complex, integrated world. Teleos has a track record of creating and delivering outstanding custom leadership programs worldwide with unparalleled results. We are sensitive and adaptable to the cultural settings where we work, while maintaining a focus on widely applicable themes like resonant leadership, emotional intelligence, and intentional change. To date, Teleos and our associate faculty have delivered more than 850 multi-day leadership programs in over 40 countries. Our programs not only introduce and instill a new culture, but also create significant positive impact on the lives of participants and the organizations where they work. We remain committed to delivering beyond expectations, caring for those we reach, and connecting people to their own noble purpose—and that of the organization.

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