Executive Coaching

Working with a coach can transform the way you lead your people, your organization and your life.

Executive Coaching

Could an Executive Coach Help You?

The pace of change, the complexity of running a team or an organization—it’s here to stay. There are times when everything is in sync, people are working hard and smart, you’re vision is clear and your team members know how they fit in and how to implement. Then there are the times when you just know things could be going better. You, your team, your organization isn’t firing on all cylinders and you need some time to think, reflect, and make some changes. It is especially during times of change, new assignments, and challenges when a coach can help. When you know what got you here won’t get you to where you want to be and the success of your organization depends on you learning new ways to think, be and lead—an outside, expert point of view could make a significant and positive difference. Contact Teleos Leadership Institute for a confidential conversation about how it all works, and whether Executive Coaching could work for you. 

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Executive Coaching
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Our Coaches. Our Network. 

Along with our core coaching staff, we have a diverse associate network of over 100 coaches around the world. Our coaches have extensive experience working with clients in a variety of industries from healthcare tolaw to engineering and finance. A coach’s experience in and understanding of your industry is important when finding the right coach for you. In addition, all our associates are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) up to the master coach level.

We know that our coaches meet our high standard of professionalism and skill, since we trained many of them. Many of our coaches are alumni from the Teleos Coach Development Program (TCDP), an intensive ICF-certified program. All our coaches are grounded in the Teleos process and methodology, focusing on emotional intelligence, resonant leadership, and intentional change.

Not only can Teleos provide our network of executive coaches for your coaching needs, we can also build coaching capacity within your organization. Teleos has delivered its TCDP program to organizations to build up its coaching capacity and a coaching style of leadership. We can tailor our coach development program to your organization's needs. 

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